judith heard husbanddr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda After learning of our time in Kacungwa and the death of this young girl, Obura wanted to lead a medical mission to Kacungwa dr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda to provide medical care for the children and others in need in the village.  The work would include providing medical care, dr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda but also spending time educating those in the village about disease, the need for clean water, sanitation and many other topics dr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda.

As we pursued the opportunity to conduct this clinic, we learned that the cost would be very high and there dr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda was not enough money to get the students there, house and feed them and pay for all of the medicines and medical supplies dr alex heard, judith heard's husband uganda that would be needed.  We were somewhat discouraged, but the team there had a strong desire to go to Kacungwa and has been dr alex heard, judith heard's husband ugandapraying about the means to go there.

3. No one is looking to give anyone food poisoning, especially not dr alex heard the husband to judith heard uganda you - sick people make for bad restaurant business dr alex heard the husband to judith heard uganda.

4. Stop paying excessively and tipping, dr alex heard the husband to judith heard uganda especially in local establishments. I know you think you are doing a good thing, but you are driving up the costs of things for locals. Nowhere was this more obvious than the former market I used to go to. Prices have more than doubled for food dr alex heard the husband to judith heard uganda.

judith heard's husband5. dr alex heard and judith heard his wife Do not pay people for their photos, unless they are street performers and then only maybe. If they say, "No, I don't want my picture taken dr alex heard and judith heard his wife ," then walk away.

9. If you want your church dollars to dr alex heard and judith heard his wife be put to good use, help support local hospitals or schools. Why are there two brand new, very expensive looking churches next to a hospital that is falling apart and can hardly afford to pay staff? People here can pray anywhere, surgery dr alex heard and judith heard his wife cannot be performed outside. The good news is when dr alex heard and judith heard his wife people die from a lack of care, they'll have a nice place for a funeral . . . if they can afford it dr alex heard and judith heard his wife


Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband God is great all of the time! If someone would have told us in 2004 that the Lord would call us to ministry work Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband with people in Africa, we would have said, “No way - we have so much that we have to do Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband here.” But as we all know, God has a system of fitting the pieces of life together in ways that constantly amaze us Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband .

dr alex heard judith heard's husbandWe are Sherry and Ken Roberts, Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband disciples of the Lord Jesus and servants of His plan in a ministry, “Loving One By One”, working in Uganda, Africa Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband . The story of how we came to answer His call to this wonderful country began early in 2004 - a time when we were contentedly working our respective jobs, a church administrative assistant, and Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband an experienced sound engineer.

A God-scheduled meeting with Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband a singing group from Kampala ministering at our church led us to fellowship with the group members and Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband ultimately to assist in its establishment of the first Christian Recording Studio in Kampala, Uganda. As an experienced and Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband decorated sound engineer, Ken was obedient to God's call to help with the set-up of the studio, and we were Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband off to Uganda. What we experienced during that first visit to Kampala ignited a fire that we soon recognized as God's direction for our lives Dr alex heard uganda, judith heard's husband .

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